Ask your dermatologist about different oral and other treatment options.

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The true  cause
of plaque psoriasis

While psoriasis might appear as patches on your skin,
it actually starts inside your body.

  • Psoriasis is caused by overactive inflammation inside your body.

  • Over time, this overactive inflammation is thought to speed up the growth cycle of skin cells.

  • As skin cells build up, they appear on your skin as red, raised patches.

  • When the cells die, they take on a silvery, scaly look associated with psoriasis.

Did you know?

Some treatment options work to help manage psoriasis underneath the skin’s surface.

Find the right 
for you

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, which means it’s always there, even when you don’t have visible symptoms.
There are many different types of treatment that can help, and they generally fall into two categories.
Any potential treatment options should be discussed with your dermatologist.

Types of treatment

Those that treat inside the body

  • Treat inside the body, to help reduce underlying inflammation
  • Available in two forms:
    • Oral medications such as tablets or capsules taken by mouth
    • Medications that are injected into the body

Those that treat on the skin’s surface

  • Applied to the surface of the skin to treat symptoms
  • Available in the form of:
    • Creams, ointments, sprays, and foams that are applied directly to the skin’s surface
    • Phototherapy (also known as light therapy), which uses ultraviolet light

Did you  know?

Treating psoriasis doesn’t have to be complicated. Talk to your dermatologist to learn more.

Take a
deeper  look

When it comes to psoriasis, what’s on the surface doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story.
Watch the video below to take a deeper look at psoriasis.

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